Sturgeon 2020

initiative for providing habitats for sturgeons, in co-operation with experts along Danube

Objective of the project is to provide suitable living- (environment and nourishment), reproduction- and migration conditions for sturgeons, with special regards to the EU Water Framework Directive (good ecological status) in the Danube.

Viza/Sturgeon 2020

In accordance with archeological finds, peoples living along the river Danube thousand years ago, already in the prehistorical age, used to catch fishes mainly sturgeons (Russian sturgeons and Acipenser huso-s) migrating in large quantities from the Black Sea. For instance, on the area called Kisalföld, to be more precise from the copper age locality of Szabadrét-domb in Győr, some bones of sturgeons were found.

WFD Ecological continuum

Fish migration facilities

WFD HMWB and mitigation measures, Fish migration background, Fish migration facilities, Denkpál fish pass/way, Dunakiliti bottom sill, Conclusions

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