Due to the restocking of beluga (Huso huso) in Hungary – we invited you -  we would like to inform you that in the framework of VIZA/STURGEON 2020 programme 100-100 altogether 300 pieces tagged Danube native one summer year old Huso huso was released to the Hungarian Danube sections in, Győr (near 1801 rkm.) Budapest (1646 rkm.)and Ercsi (1615 rkm.) in autumn this year. 

Dr. Predag Simonovic associated professor University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology reported the following  a beluga yearling was caugth at the locality of Tekija, in the Iron Gate One reservoir area, at the river km 960 by commercial fisherman, on 13 Nov 2010. The beluga was 48 cm in Sl  and 460 g in weight and it was tagged with the tag labelled TIHANY8237PF35MTABLKI-10989. This information was provided by Mr. Vinko Bajkanovic, the Fisheries Inspector of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, whom fisherman has informed about the catch.”

The above mentioned beluga was releaesed on 3rd. November 2010 at 10.00 o'clock in Ercsi. During 10 days our beluga covered a distance of 655 rkm migration route. On behalf of the Hungarian organizer we would like to thank the Serbian colleagues for this very usefull informations.The good news ispirating us to continuing our programme and we hope the released belugas will safely arrive to the Black See. We are working now how to use the shiploks for fishloks also to secure for this fishes a way back to the former spawing habitats which are in some areas in Hungary under rehabilitations.  More about the our programme  see .

Győr, 16th. November 2010

Közép-dunai Hal Kft. Ercsi